Full Service Design

- The Process -

Step 1 The Consultation

All our Full Service projects begin with The Consultation. This will be your first on-site visit and is an important step to get the project rolling in the right direction. At this session, we will conduct a though walk-through of the home and discuss your ideas for each room. We will also hone in on your personal style and functionality of each space.


Step 2 The Contract Meeting

LNI will present the contract to be reviewed for client’s signature, along with a detailed scope-of-work outline for client’s approval. The retainer is also due upon signing the contract.


Step 3 Trade Day + Initial Schedule

Based on the scope-of-work outline, the various trades will be scheduled (ideally in one day), to walk through your space and get the information needed for them to put together quotes. The LNI team will also take all the necessary measurements and pictures of your space on trade day. The Initial Schedule, will have a  timeline of items or tasks the clients must complete, prior to the start of the project. These will include tasks like emptying rooms, securing a storage unit, selling or donating existing furniture, etc.


Step 4 - Concept Presentation

This is where our collaboration on your project begins. The Concept Presentation will be scheduled approximately, 14 days after Trade Day. The presentation will include 2D floor plans of furniture layout and any structural changes to be made. Proposed finishes and images of proposed furniture, moodboards and the color palette will also be presented.


Step 5 Quotes + Orders

All quotes and invoices will be presented to the client for approval and signature. LNI invoices are to be paid in full for orders to be placed. 75% deposit will be required for all custom made items.


Step 6Your Project

LNI will fully manage your project and schedule all trades. Regular site visits will be made to unsure the project is being executed per approved concepts and specifications. All orders placed through LNI Concierge will be manged by us, to include scheduling delivery and installation.

Step 7 - End of Project Styling

At the end of your project, LNI will schedule your final session to style all the rooms. This will include placement of all art, decor and accessories, so your home will be photo-ready.

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